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Pain Balm:

Traditional Versus Alternative Treatments for Pain

Pain is a condition that afflicts millions of Americans. Whether it’s long term, chronic pain or short term, acute pain, nobody is immune from its discomforts. The majority of people who seek out CBD oil for pain are those who suffer from chronic pain, such as arthritis or joint pain. Pain is a normal part of our bodily function because it lets us know when there’s a problem going on, either inside or outside of our bodies. However, this function can overtly cause extreme discomfort for some individuals.

Modern approaches to pain usually involve medications, surgery, or other invasive treatments. Unfortunately, these medical treatments come with their own set of problems. However, as our knowledge of traditional, naturopathic healing methods has increased, there are now several alternatives for pain management. Perhaps the most sought after and alternative treatment is hemp derived CBD oil for pain.

How CBD Helps with Pain

CBD oil has been shown to help with a variety of pain symptoms. In fact, research has shown CBD interacts with receptors in our brains and immune systems. This creates both anti-inflammatory, as well as pain killing, effects. For example, hemp CBD natural massage oil helps as a muscle relaxer and decreases inflammation locally in conditions, such as arthritis and muscle spasms. You can also opt for organic CBD massage oil for pain relief or even make your own homemade CBD oil for pain relief. In addition to pain relief, CBD oil can help with other conditions as well, including depression and anxiety. No matter the reason you are seeking CBD oil treatment, you can rest assured our products are made with the highest quality CBD on the market.

Bath Salts:

What Is CBD?

Although the answer is quite complex, we will simplify it for you. CBD is a compound found in both marijuana and hemp leaves and is known for its healing properties. Marijuana is most widely known for its THC compound, which makes users feel high. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects. This is why CBD is growing in popularity. The general public has become increasingly aware of the many benefits CBD provides, and there is a growing demand for holistic alternatives to traditional medical treatments.

How Does CBD Help with Pain?

CBD for pain is one of the most popular reasons people seek it out. CBD actually interacts with brain receptors that are known for causing pain. This not only makes you feel less pain, but also increases your pain tolerance. Also, CBD has pain – relieving properties without the harmful side effects of medications, such as Ibuprofen. CBD has also been shown to reduce inflammation. This is especially true for people suffering from inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Up until recently, the primary treatment for pain has been strong pain medications that can make you feel drowsy and put you at risk for numerous side effects. Now, there is good news for people like yourself who suffer from pain. It’s called CBD bath salts for pain, and it’s flying off of our shelves!

How Does CBD Help with Pain?

CBD Bath Salts for Pain

Despite the many benefits of ingesting CBD oil, many people are still hesitant to try it because of the stigma related to marijuana. However, there is a great alternative with CBD bath salts for pain. These salts can also help with pain, as well as inflammation. CBD bath salts for pain work by penetrating deep under the skin, causing both pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects.

Pain Relief:

CBD Pain Relief Comes in Many Forms

Most people have heard of the benefits of CBD for pain by now. Because the demand for CBD has grown, CBD distributors have come up with many options for those looking for alternative ways to use CBD for pain. People can ingest CBD from forms, such as oil, gummies, edible products and even lollipops! There are also a variety of creams containing CBD to help areas of localized pain.

CBD Pain Relief Bath Bombs

In addition to all of the above-mentioned treatments, we are now pleased to offer CBD pain relief bath bombs. Our bombs are specially designed to release CBD when they are dissolved in warm water. Using a CBD bath bomb for pain has many advantages. Unlike creams that only target one specific area, CBD pain relief bath bombs will relax your muscles and provide both pain relief and inflammation throughout your body. Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of a nice warm bath?

How to Use CBD Pain Relief Bath Bombs

A CBD bath bomb for pain is surprisingly easy to use. First, draw a warm bath as you would normally do. Next, place your CBD bath bomb for pain in the warm bath water. Wait for it to dissolve, then enjoy a nice, relaxing, pain-relieving bath. The CBD compounds will penetrate deep within your muscles, decreasing pain and inflammation. You can stay in the bathtub until the water starts to cool. You will be amazed at how much better you feel. The effects should last the rest of the day, but many users report the effects last longer. Repeat daily or as often as needed to treat your painful symptoms.